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Well is always used by an Oil-drilling engineer,but borehole is used by a are same why do we have both well code code and well bore code in API number? 1 Oct 2015 An API # is a number unique to that well. It is a permanent identifier that is assigned based on the location of the well anywhere in the United  Oil, gas, and injection well information, state land leasing, ground water Pay invoices online using your invoice number and the provided security code.

Well. Application for Permit to Drill (APD) American Petroleum Institute (API) Lookup; American Petroleum Institute (API) Number Changes; Borehole; Bottomhole Pressure Survey; eWell Submissions Applications for Permit to Drill; eWell Submissions Applications for Permit to Modify; eWell Submissions End of Operations Report; eWell Submissions An API number is a unique and permanent number that identifies each well drilled for oil and gas in the United States. API numbers were established by the American Petroleum Institute, as an industry standard, to keep track of the nearly three million oil and gas drills in the country. A unique identifying number for all oil and gas wells drilled in the U.S. The system was developed by the American Petroleum Institute. An API well number can have up to 14 digits. The first two digits are the state code, the next three digits are the county code, the next five digits respresent the unique identification number for the well, and sometimes you will see an additional two digits It was based on an 80 column computer punch card with the well identification number as the key to identify the well. The American Petroleum Institute (API) formed a subcommittee to standardize the well identification numbers in 1962. The API essentially set the standard for the numbering scheme in the US until PPDM took it over in 2010 on the

3 Dec 2012 API stands for “American Petroleum Institute”. While the technical definition suggests that API # is unique, often the same 12-digit API prefix is 

Search the Oil & Gas Well Database. The Division has revised several of its online search tools related to the oil and gas well database and features expanded search capabilities. This online search is linked directly to the Risk Based Data Management System (RBDMS) database, therefore a search always yields the most current well information. Select Criteria to Search Well Records, Production or Injection Data API Number OR (Ex. 03027300) Search By Address OR (Ex. Sacramento) Oil and Gas Wells in U.S. Home / Oil & Gas Wells in U.S. Search for U.S. oil and gas well information by well name or browse by county to find the well you're looking for. Get access to well names, well locations, well API numbers and recent U.S. drilling permits. The Gulf of Mexico Region Notice to Lessees (NTL) No. 2014-G03 provides clarification for the availability of well data and information. For more information on the file types available on the Disc Media Store, please click here. Due to the large data set size of the Well Data Query some Query Options must be entered to limit results. Well API Number. The API Number consists of two separate fields on the search tab page, API County Number and API Well Number. The APICounty field reflects the county in which the surface of the well is located. The API Number is uniquely assigned to each well. All wells in a county will be returned by entering an API County Number. Please specify the information you know in the search form below and then click the "Search" button. Specific Search If you know the API Number of the Well File, please input that number below and click "Search". Enter API Number: 30-0 - (example: 30-045-01234) Search For Wells Operator: Select Company 3 TS SWD LLC 31 OPERATING, LLC A & A ROBILLARD CO. A & M OIL & GAS A. C. TOWNLEY INTS A. G. GOLDEN & PETROMARK MINERALS, INC. A. J. HODGES INDUSTRIES, INC. A. J. SCOTT A. R. JONES OIL & OPERATING CO.

Symbol Type (oil, gas, dry, etc.) Permit Number. API, Lease Number. Quad Number, Field Name. Survey, Completion Date.

wells certified by the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) for oil, gas well gas or casinghead gas Enter the API number assigned to the well/lease by the RRC. The dataset contains the API code, well and company name, account number, filed number, field name, elevation, locations coordinates, lease numbers, well type  14 Apr 2016 determine the daily amount of oil that a well can produce based upon If the API number is not known, in “Operator Remarks” area, give the 

A unique identifying number for all oil and gas wells drilled in the U.S. The system was developed by the American Petroleum Institute. An API well number can 

Alabama Geological Survey State Oil and Gas BoardWell DatabaseAlaska Oil and Gas Conservation CommissionArizona Oil and Gas Conservation  Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission. web application to electronically enter their rig schedule information to notify the WOGCC of the wells they intend to drill. GSC, GSR, LPG, MON, NR, OIL, ST, SWAG, SWD, WS. Well Slant. No Preference, Directional, DualComp/Comng, Horizonal, Vertical. API Number. Well Name.

The API number is required to be posted on every oil and gas well. If you have a question about a particular well, it is very helpful if you know the API number of that well. The API number has the following format: 47-001-00001. 47 = State code. 47 is the state code for West Virginia.

The well inventory will assist the KCC in regulating the Kansas oil and gas industry and It is the operator's responsibility to determine a well's API number. Wells. GeneralHistoryFormationsProductionLocation. API #. Operator. Well Name . Well Type. Well Status, Dt Status. Field. Next IMIT. Elev GR. Elev DF. Elev KB.

PetroSwell Well Search. Texas Oil & Gas Wells. This database is API Number: Please enter 8 or 10 digit API number, need to look up the county code? Recommended Practice on the Rheology and Hydraulics of Oil-Well Drilling Fluids, 3rd ed. Washington, DC, USA: American Petroleum Institute, 1995. Well? 1. Trudy Curtis, CEO. Professional Petroleum Data. Management Well Identification Systems Identify Different •API Number (10, 12, or 14) + variants.